About Us

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About Us

Founded in June 1967, Leong Yew Optical Co is committed to providing you with professional eye consultation services as well as a wide range of vision solutions to suit all ages and lifestyles.

Please rest assured that our optometrist and opticians are certified by the Optometrist and Opticians Board and are well equipped to provide you with the most appropriate services to suit your needs. Our team also regularly attend courses to upgrade and enhance our professional skills, knowledge and keep up to date with the latest technological developments and market trends.

We look forward to seeing you and will do our utmost to ensure that you will have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience with us.

Our Missions

At Leong Yew Optical Co, our team serves to take care of one of your most precious resources: your sight. Eyesight is the most incredible of our five senses. We see the world in all it’s amazing detail and colour with our eyes. We learn through them. We see our loved ones with them. We believe that good eyesight is a wonderful gift to be treasured and taken care of.

We hold firmly to the very best of what it means to be an independent practice – honest, dedicated, professional advice. We build lasting, lifetime relationships with our clients and our communities. That’s why we’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology which enables our experienced optometrists and opticians to give you a detailed yet personal eye examination.

Our team listens carefully to your needs and preferences. From the best spectacle lenses & fashion frames, to contact lenses for any type of prescription, we aim to put you at the heart of all our service.